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Do You Practise Facial Acupuncture? Are You Covered?
acupuncture-masterclass-august-2010DO YOU PRACTISE FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE?

Are you covered by your insurance?

A lot of practitioners think that they're covered to do facial acupuncture by their current acupuncture insurance. This is not always the case, as some insurers will not automatically cover cosmetic acupuncture.

Our 'Professional Practitioner Network' - Cosmetic Acupuncture UK (CAUK) has its own dedicated cosmetic acupuncture insurance policy for practitioners in the UK and Ireland, that's only available to our association's members. What's more, it's very reasonably priced at only £84 per annum.

So, don't take a chance, make sure you're covered. Join CAUK today for only £49 and have access to this policy and lots of other additional benefits of membership.

Best wishes,
Paul Adkins Lic.Ac.,BA(Hons), 1st Dan, FEA, MBAcC, MCAUK - Member of the British Acupuncture Council