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Cosmetic Acupuncture UK is a professional practitioner network and, as such, to be eligible for membership you must meet the following criteria:

• You are a qualified acupuncturist holding a recognised degree or qualification.

• You hold up-to-date practitioner insurance.

• You have undergone training in facial/cosmetic acupuncture; this can be from any recognised source.

• Membership of CAUK is only open to the acupuncture profession; no beauty consultants etc. can obtain membership.

• Membership of CAUK as a Micro Needle Therapy practitioner is only open to qualified acupuncturists who have undergone additional training in skin needling.

• I live outside of the UK, can I become a member? Yes, we have a worldwide section.

N.B. Name cannot contain any apostrophes or accents (e.g. Jéan O'Connor must become Jean OConnor)

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